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Dummy Derby Impulse Seat Tube Battery Housing 11Ah 15Ah 17Ah 21215-3

Akkudummy Derby Impulse DCW 11Ah 15Ah 15Ah 17Ah

Dummy Derby Impulse Seat Tube Battery Housing 11Ah 15Ah 17Ah 21215-3 Article-No.: 21215-3
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Battery Derby Impulse Seat tube Housing

Bring the battery closer to your customers. Put a dummy in the showcase, put it on your office desk.

Show competence in e-bike matters by placing a dummy visibly for the customer.

If, for example, you are in conversation with the customer, you can use the dummy to show him how the charging socket works or the contact looks like and what the customer has to look out for with the battery (handling, maintenance, etc.).

Possible applications:

    Display - let the customer feel the haptics of a rechargeable battery
    Cover for wintering - customers can simply leave the dummy in the bike for long periods in the cellar
    Contact protection e.g. on/on your car during long journeys as primary protection against weathering
    Exhibition / Showcase or similar
    Desk - underpin your e-bike expertise

Fits all DCW Derby Cycle Impulse rechargeable batteries with 11Ah, 15Ah or 17Ah seat tube mount

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