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Welcome to the B2B E-Bike Shop of BMZ Central Service

The BMZ Group has been a leading manufacturer and OEM supplier of high-quality e-bike batteries and drive technology for 25 years. In our shop you will find products that bring your e-bike perfectly to any surface.

You can order individual components such as batteries, chargers, displays, cables, small parts and much more in the BMZ B2B e-bike shop.

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Derby Cycle Impulse seat tube battery

NEW: Immediately available!

Real housing without cells and function!

Get a dummy now for your counter, showcase or desk.
Radiate competence and expertise when you explain the battery to the customer and he can explore the product haptically.

Especially popular as primary protection for the contacts during the long standing time in the cold cellar or on/at the car during the journey on vacation. The original battery should be spared in any case.


12V Motor vehicle Charger BMZ Li-Ion 42V 2A with charger plug Rosenberger

1st batch NOW available!

Product NEWS: Article no. 31733

Mobile 12V car charger for cars and trucks from BMZ for lithium-ion batteries with charging socket connection Rosenberger. 42 Volt voltage, 2 Ampere hours charging current and a charging capacity of 84 Watt hours. The perfect car charger for on the way with which you can charge at any "cigarette lighter".


BMZ TFT colour display DS103 with 3,5" ( 41385)

Clearly readable and easy to adapt to your own field of vision. Universal installable for Brose Can communication with Connect C connection.

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Brose Engine Gen.1 C16162 25km/h (Art.No. 23084)

Only for sale, not for warranty claims. New with 0,2km mileage / 12 months warranty.

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Latest technology for long ranges

BMZ Li-Ion batteries feature the latest cell technologies from leading manufacturers, such as Samsung, LG and Murata. Precise and clean performance curves make the batteries the top products on the e-bike market.
We equip almost all manufacturers with our accessories and OEM Li-Ion power batteries.

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Max Schleidinger

Max Schleidinger

E-Bike Shop Dealer and Service Station

"BMZ is my first choice if I need spare parts or service. A very good availability is guaranteed and the quality is the best on the market. I have been an enthusiastic dealer-customer since 4 years and recommend only BMZ Li-Ion batteries".

Mike eBike Megastore

Mike´s eBike Megastore

E-Bike bicycle dealer and branch manager

For me, there is now only BMZ when it comes to service. Here I get the fastest possible service and support for my favourite product - the e-bike. There is nothing better for me and my staff than a smooth spare parts requirement and to shine at the customer with speed in processing. This includes a business partner I can rely on. A perfect bike also needs perfect service. For a short time now I have only trusted BMZ. Thumbs up!