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The PANASONIC Specialprice
18Ah battery now at the best price ever

Get now the Panasonic 18Ah e-Bike battery with 26 Volt voltage for the best price ever from BMZ. In a pack of 10 save again while stocks last.

% PANASONIC 18Ah Specialprice

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Low price alarm with crazy special offers for bicycle dealers. We are now putting real pressure on the price and reducing popular products to a maximum. Whoever hits now secures great conditions and a good margin.

Supersale Offers

The preventive box is the best insurance!
Better "have one" than "need one".

What to do in case of emergency? The Preventive Box is the insurance for the worst case scenario, because it avoids damage and unbearable losses. Compared to an emergency with consequences, this box is priceless. It is better than a fireman and better than insurance, because it protects before it is too late.

Preventive box with specifications

Your BMZ e-bike team is still there for you
Together against Corona - please stay healthy

The BMZ Group will continue to work hard for you to ensure that the "wheel" does not stand still. We have taken all measures to ensure that the BMZ will continue to work for you with the highest possible level of safety, with its well-known good service and our e-bike products.

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Supersale products

Alber Neodrive Battery

Item No. 37989-01

13,8Ah / 36V / 497Wh


Derby Impulse Evo Battery

Item No. 25628-1GP

14,25Ah / 36,5V / 520Wh


Derby Impulse Evo Battery

Item No. 36172-01

17,25Ah / 36V / 621Wh


Charger BMZ Li-Ion

Item No. 20650-3

42V 2A XLR 4pin


Charger Derby Cycle

Item No. 36968

42V 4A blade contact


Go Swiss Drive Battery

Item No. 20616

16,8Ah / 36V / 603Wh


USB2CAN adapter set

Item No. 39364

Plug Rosenberger


The preventive box is priceless for anyone who owns an Ebike. Batteries are dangerous goods, that is clear to everyone - but what to do if an emergency occurs?

Clearly - preventatively avoid! Better "have one" than "need one" is the tactic. The box is recommended for ebikers as well as for dealers - i.e. anyone who stores an ebike or ebike battery in rooms.

The box is not only an object protector, it is also a safe to protect against theft, e.g. in the communal cellar of apartment buildings, hotels, guesthouses or generally when on holiday or travelling. In the preventive box the battery of the bicycle is 100% protected and safely stored. The Ebike battery can be charged there while it is safely locked away.

A must for every Ebike dealer and Ebike owner!

Prevention box with specifications
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Dear business partners,

We are currently digitizing our essential processes and would ask you, to no longer send us correspondence with our company (orders, invoices, delivery notes etc.) by post or in printed form.
In this way you also make a significant contribution to climate protection, to which we are committed.

Please understand that we will no longer work with printed documents in the future.

Many thanks for your support.

Kind Regards
Your BMZ Service Team

Smartphone + e-bike connecting for all Brose Drive S/T engines

Connect C Bluetooth Modul

Item No. 34901

Connecting smartphone + e-bikes with Brose Drive S/T engine


Connect C Cabel Higo with Wake

Item No. 32868-2

Displaycabel Higo 1300mm with Wake for the Connect C Bluetoothmodul


Connect C Cabel Bloks Gen. 2

Item No. 39418-2

Displaycabel 1350mm Bloks Gen. 2 for the Connect C Bluetoothmodul


Connect C Bluetooth Modul (Rotwild)

Item No. 34901-1

Connecting smartphone + e-bikes with Brose Drive S/T engine


Connect C Cabel Bloks Gen. 1 with Wake

Item No. 28754-8

Displaycabel 1340mm / Plug: Bloks Gen.1 with Wake


NEW: on stock!

Derby Cycle Impulse seat tube battery
Real housing without cells and function!

Get a dummy for your counter, showcase or desk now.
Radiate competence and expertise when you explain the battery to the customer and he can haptically explore the product.

Particularly popular as primary protection for contacts during long periods of standing in a cold cellar or on/on the car during the trip to the holiday. The original battery should be protected in any case.

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NEW: on stock!

12V motor vehicle Charger BMZ Li-Ion 42V 2A with charging plug Rosenberger
Product-NEWS: Article no. 31733

Mobile 12V car charger for cars and trucks from BMZ for Lithium-Ion batteries with charging socket Rosenberger. 42 Volt voltage, 2 ampere hours charging current and a charging capacity of 84 watt hours. The perfect car charger for on the road with which you can charge at any "cigarette lighter".

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Latest technology for long ranges

BMZ Li-Ion batteries have the latest cell technologies of leading manufacturers, such as Samsung, LG and Murata, precise and clean performance curves make the batteries the top products on the e-bike market.
We equip almost all manufacturers with our accessories and OEM Li-Ion power batteries.


Always the latest software for your bike


Continuous accessibility, also abroad


Highest service quality at professional level


Full LIVE control of service status

Max Schleidinger

Max Schleidinger

E-Bike Shop Dealer and Service Station

"BMZ is my first choice if I need spare parts or service. A very good availability is guaranteed and the quality is the best on the market. I have been an enthusiastic dealer-customer since 4 years and recommend only BMZ Li-Ion batteries".

Mike eBike Megastore

Mike´s eBike Megastore

E-Bike bicycle dealer and branch manager

For me, there is now only BMZ when it comes to service. Here I get the fastest possible service and support for my favourite product - the e-bike. There is nothing better for me and my staff than a smooth spare parts requirement and to shine at the customer with speed in processing. This includes a business partner I can rely on. A perfect bike also needs perfect service. For a short time now I have only trusted BMZ. Thumbs up!