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Panasonic seat tube 18Ah 22048-02

18Ah capacity, 26 V voltage, 468 Watt energy

Panasonic seat tube 18Ah 22048-02 Article-No.: 22048-02
  • 18 Ah
  • 446 Wh
  • 26 V
  • Panasonic
  • UART
  • 2015
  • silver
Weight: 3300 g
Amount enough Delivery time: about 2-5 working days

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BMZ bicycle battery for the drive Panasonic with mid-mounted engine. The battery is designed for attachment to the seat tube and has a capacity of 18Ah (amphere) at a voltage of 26 volts, which corresponds to 446 Wh (watt-hours) in watts. The colour of the battery is silver.

Article No.: 22048-02

  • Name: seat tube battery
  • Capacity: 18Ah (446 Watt)
  • Voltage: 26 V
  • Motor manufacturer: Panasonic
  • Type of drive: mid-mounted motor
  • Communication: Lin-Bus
  • Charging connection: XLR 3-pin
  • Colour: silver
  • Year: since 2015


This battery can ONLY be charged with the following battery charger:


This battery can ONLY be charged with the following battery charger:

  •  Item No.: 28946

    (charger 28945 + station 16791)

    Designation: Charger 29.4V 4A 3-pole round connector

    Label: Battery charger for 25,2V Li-Ion battery

    Model: BSC29404000

    Charge current: 4A

Drivetype Mid-mounted engine
Mountingposition Seat tube

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Panasonic seat tube 23Ah 24638-03

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23Ah Capacity, 26 V Voltage, 585 Watt Energy

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Charger + Station BMZ Li-Ion 29,4V 4A plug round 3-pin 28946

Charging station included, 4 Ah Charging current, 29,4 V voltage

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