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Tool box for belt change / engine maintenace 41980

Tool set Brose for belt exchange

Tool box for belt change / engine maintenace 41980 Article-No.: 41980
  • 0,500 kg
Weight: 500 g
Amount enough Delivery time: about 2-5 working days

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Toolbox for an easy exchange of the motor belt. Practical toolbox to have exactly the tool you need for belt replacement or engine maintenance. The practical BMZ toolbox is stackable and lockable with the lock. For example, you can lock countless boxes together and you only have to use the top one on the handle. Simply further thought - simply BMZ.


  • TORX-T-Key T 25
  • corrosion block pump spray
  • 4,2 Nm torque wrench
  • 0,2 Nm torque wrench
  • Loctite 222 10ml
  • Special vaseline
  • Vaseline brush
  • electric screwdriver ESD

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