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Derby Impulse 2 seat tube 14,5Ah 23662-1GP

14,5Ah capacity, 36 V voltage, 522 Watt energy

Derby Impulse 2 seat tube 14,5Ah 23662-1GP Article-No.: 23662-1GP
  • 14,5 Ah
  • 522 Wh
  • 36 V
  • Derby Impulse 1&2
  • I²C Bus
  • 2014
  • black
Weight: 2975 g
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BMZ Bicycle battery for the Derby Impulse 2 drive with mid-motor. The battery is designed for attachment to the seat tube and has a capacity of 14.5Ah (amphere) at a voltage of 36 volts. Converted into watts, this corresponds to 522 Wh (watt-hours). The colour of the battery is black.


Item No.: 23662-1GP

Designation: Seat tube battery

Capacity: 14,5Ah (522 Watt)

Voltage: 36 V

Motor manufacturer: Derby Impulse 2

Type of drive: Mid-mounted engine

Communication: l²C

Charging connector: 4-pin XLR

Colour: black



All Derby articles are refurbished and as new with 24 month warranty.

The history shows the evolution of the product with its forerunners and predecessor models.

24499-1GP (15Ah / 558 Watt)

16565-1GP (16Ah / 558 Watt)

The Article may be replaced by the following Article:

24499-1GP - Derby Impulse 2 Seat tube 14,5Ah / 558 Wh)

Drivetype Mid-mounted engine
Mountingposition Seat tube

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