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Charger BMZ Li-Ion 42V 2A plug Rosenberger 22782

2 Ah charging current, 42 V voltage, 84 watt hours power

Charger BMZ Li-Ion 42V 2A plug Rosenberger 22782 Article-No.: 22782
  • 2 Ah
  • 42 V
  • black
  • Rosenberger
  • 0,526 kg
Weight: 475 g
Amount enough Delivery time: about 2-5 working days

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BMZ charger for lithium-ion batteries with Rosenberger charging socket connection. 42 V voltage, 2 Ampere charging current.


Article No.: 22782

Name: Charger 42V 2A Rosenberger

Label: Battery charger for 36V Li-Ion battery

Model: BSC42002000

Charging current: 2A

Nominal Voltage: 36 V

Charge Voltage: 42 V

Input: 100-240VC / 50-60Hz / 1.5A max

Output: 42.0/ 2A

Plug: Rosenberger

Colour: black


1 x red LED

1 x green LED


Stand-by: green flashing slowly

Battery is charging: green flashing

Battery fully charged: green light on

Serious error: flashing red

Attention, please use only for the following batterie models:

  • 14091-3
  • 14099-2
  • 18781
  • 21097
  • 23692-1
  • 23691-1
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