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Safty first - preventive box against damage & theft!


Because the Prevention Box is the best insurance available.
Better to avoid damage than to repair damage!

The Prevention Box keeps the danger inside in the worst case of a battery fire. Many users of e-bike batteries forget that they are still dangerous goods. In the event that a battery catches fire due to a short circuit, there is the prevention box. Better "have one" than "need one" is the clear recommendation!



Preventive box / battery safe for lithium batteries


  •     High quality & polished stainless steel box with fire protection class > F30
  •     Storage of one or more batteries in the sealed box
  •     Charging a battery with the charger is thus possible without supervision
  •     Closing the box with a high-quality lock made in Germany
    (according to DIN) secures your battery against theft, thus also useful in apartment houses/cellars, hotels, ski cellars, etc.
  •     - optional with security card (keys can only be purchased with an authorized card)
  •     Warning system (optical & acoustic) when the interior temperature is exceeded (70°C = threshold value)

    loud warning signal/alarm and flashing warning LED
    automatic disconnection of the power supply / emergency cut-off
    the warning system is battery operated (alkaline battery, no lithium battery outside the box) and therefore independent of the mains supply
    testing of the warning system (sound and light) with push button possible at any time
    Power consumption only during test or in case of alarm - No leakage current


  •     Functions of the box during charging

    Cooling of the interior during charging because the charger generates heat
    Short circuit protection in emergency (glass fuse can be replaced from the outside)

  •     the flame resistor unit with closing fire damper protects in case of fire and explosion

    the stainless steel wool behind the interior prevents the escape of flames
    the fire damper closes the interior and opens only briefly in the event of excess pressure (e.g. battery explosion)
    the immediate locking of the box prevents the penetration of oxygen
    the activated carbon filters smoke and particles in case of damage during the short opening of the fire damper

  •     the scratch-resistant silicone mat prevents damage to the Fermacell in use

Dimensions: small Box

  • Interior dimensions:
    small Box: 240 x 220 x 410 mm
  • External dimensions:
    small Box: 272 x 265 x 520 mm

Dimensions: big Box

  • Interior dimensions:
    big Box: 240 x 420 x 410 mm
  • External dimensions:
    big Box: 272 x 465 x 520 mm