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For the sake of the environment & our children

Your mail comes digital now. Good for the environment - good for you!
For the BMZ Group, sustainability means acting in such a way that future generations will also find conditions worth living in. We are not only concerned with the health of children, but also with the health of the planet on which they will live in the future. This includes making a conscious use of paper as a resource. That is why we are successively converting our mailings to a modern and resource-saving form. In future, you will receive all correspondence with us (orders, invoices, delivery notes, etc.) in electronic form by e-mail.

BMZ Group February 2020


New in the Onlineshop

The new Brose "Allround" display in a crisp design. Very easy to read with all important funtions. Minimalistic & effective with 14 functions! Can be mounted on the right or left.

BMZ Group Dezember 2019



With the newest trends and products

The Battery Experts Forum is the largest conference and fair for battery technology. The main topics are energy storage and emobility. The event takes place annually at the fair in Frankfurt am Main.

BMZ Group October 2019


Made in Germany

The BMZ Group underlines its leading role as a global innovation driver in the battery industry. Task was to bring even greater capacity in e-bike batteries under minimal design room volume. There is talk of a 725Wh integral battery, which is housed in the smallest space in the world in comparison. Never before has a manufacturer managed to accommodate this achievement in such a compact yet stylish design. A quantum leap in the e-bikes and development basis for the next generations.

BMZ Group September 2019



We bring you new e-bike customers!

Every day our e-bike shop is visited by countless e-bike end customers. The demand from end customers for BMZ E-Bike dealers on site is increasing from day to day. As a dealer you now have the possibility to activate the additional function of your BMZ account.
BMZ Group September 2019



New on stock!

Mobile 12V car charger for cars and trucks from BMZ for Lithium-Ion batteries with charging socket Rosenberger. 42 Volt voltage, 2 ampere hours charging current and a charging capacity of 84 watt hours. The perfect car charger for on the road with which you can charge at any "cigarette lighter".

BMZ Group August 2019



The BMZ Group, Europe's leading manufacturer of lithium-ion battery systems and open system provider in the e-bike segment, will once again be demonstrating its comprehensive range of products for e-bikes at the ZEG Bike Show from 19 - 22 July 2019 in Cologne. As an open system provider, the BMZ Group offers individual integration of e-bike components under its e-bike brand "BMZ Drive Systems".

BMZ Group July 2019